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  • Unlimited surveys
  • Unlimited questions
  • Up to 500 users
  • 1 admin user
  • Library of Employee experience surveys
  • Real-time online reports
  • 15 days of survey history
  • Support via chat and Slik Academy
usd7.260 / year
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  • + Everything included in the Free Plan
  • Unlimited admin users
  • Configurable permits for each user
  • Unlimited survey history
  • Support via chat and mail.
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  • + Everything included in the Pro Plan
  • Integration with BambooHR, SAP, Oracle HCM, Success Factors, Workday
  • Multilanguage surveys.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Specialist.
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The FREE plan has no time limit and you can create unlimited surveys, with unlimited questions and dimensions.
You will have online and real time reports with all demographic filters but only available for a limited time, 1 admin user and a limit of 500 users/employees.
You will not be able to download reports in excel or pdf (included in the paid plans), you will not have unlimited admin users nor the possibility to provide access to the leaders (included in the paid plans). You will not have action plans (included the paid plans).
These are the seven main differences:
  • 1.Slik enables the pre-loading of demographic data (office, department, head, position, age, seniority, gender, etc) to avoid loading errors by employees and to avoid asking them for these data in each survey they receive.
  • 2.Slik delivers the reports online and in real time, with question and dimension favourability and all the demographic filters (office, department, sub-department, head, age, seniority and gender), so you don't have to invest hours compiling excel reports, avoiding making mistakes when entering formulas and taking days or weeks to get the reports ready.
  • 3.Slik displays the evolution of indicators online on a survey by survey basis.
  • 4.Slik groups together all your online surveys in one place.
  • 5.Slik's paid plans have unlimited admin users for the entire HR team, CEO and VPs and the ability to provide all the organisation's leaders visibility on their teams' performance.
  • 6.Slik will provide a module to suggest actions to each leader so that they can improve, manage and monitor improvement plans according to the dimensions they need to improve.
  • 7.You will also have an Employee Experience Specialist who will accompany you at all times to define a successful Employee Experience strategy, a support chat within the platform and a knowledge base with articles and best practices.
90% of organisations that have a corporate solution for annual climate and culture measurements, usually also use some generic survey tool (Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Forms 365, etc.), in order to carry out recruiting, onboarding, pulse, training, or exit surveys as well as all the initiatives of their local operation, which generates a great operational burden and little agility to improve the indicators. Slik complements your corporate tool perfectly so that you can manage your employees' Experience and Engagement in the local operation both online and in real time.
Slik plans are purchased on an annual subscription basis and the price depends on the number of employees in your organisation. You will be able to calculate the price in the quote box found in the description of each plan.
When you register on the Slik platform, a data protection and confidentiality agreement is activated (see data protection policies).
Slik's paid plans offer unlimited admin users for both HR and leaders with 4 or more people in their teams.
You can create a survey with your own questions and dimensions/factors or by using one of the templates from our library where you will find employer brand, recruiting, onboarding, climate, pulse, training, promotions, wellness and departure surveys, among others.
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'The Slik platform enabled us to listen to and diagnose our collaborators according to the parameters of the 035 standard, giving us visibility of results in real time'
Octavio Cristain, Assistant Director Employee Experience
'The versatility of the Slik platform helped us to leverage the re-launch of our Wellness programme and obtain simplified and immediate results'.
Pablo Granado, Human Capital Director
'With Slik we get feedback easily and quickly from our more than 4,000 employees at our points of sale'
Paola Carosella, Head of Employee Experience
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