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Employee Feedback

Measure your Employees' Experience

Receive feedback from your employees with surveys on recruiting, onboarding, climate, pulse, training, well-being, exit, and more.
'Thanks to Slik we were able to centralise all our Employee Experience surveys in the cloud and in one place'
Liliana Trujillo Alvarez, Cultural Engagement Leader
Real Time Insights

Detect opportunities

Detect in real time the opportunities for improvement in each office, department, and team, by age, seniority and more.
'Thanks to Slik, we forgot about Excel and started getting results in real time, visible to all the leaders.'
Maria Florencia Lasa, Transformation Manager
Feedback in Action

Get all leaders involved

Empower each leader with improvement plans delivered by our algorithm and monitor them with real-time dashboards.
'Successfully defining and implementing plans with each leader was our focus for improvement, and Slik enabled us to achieve this with this excellent module'
Gaston de Forteza, Talent & Culture Manager
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Create a high performance culture

Manage your Performance, 360 and objectives assessments with this flexible, highly intuitive, powerful module and take your organisation's performance to the next level.
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